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Queer Brewing

Queer Brewing - Girlypop

Queer Brewing - Girlypop

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Lager // 440ml // 4.2% ABV

"A constantly slaying queen that has everyone captivated with every move she makes." Or something—we're deep in the Urban Dictionary and Reddit definitions: cute, camp, femme, gay, queer, colourful, Barbie slamming a door in Ken's face but laughing about it.

Girlypop is as girlypop does. Our Girlypop is a simple, easy-going lager. A crisp and simple pale lager, this is a beer for hanging with the girlies or, idk, farming. Pilsner malt and rice, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh.

Maxxx refreshment, ultimate chill. Slay xxx

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