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Epochal - Old Scotch Ale

Epochal - Old Scotch Ale

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Stock Scotch Ale fermented in oak // 375ml // 9% ABV

This beer draws inspiration from some historical writings in which various authors praise scotch ales which develop a 'balsamic' quality through extended aging. This bring to mind the broader UK tradition of strong, dark stock beers which you might know from the recent revival of Gale's Prize Old Ale. 

A rich, malty scotch ale was brewed with some unique Munich malts, offered to us by friends at Baird's Maltings, and hopped liberally with whole leaf Admiral.

It was then fermented in oak with a complex array of wild microbes and allowed to develop deep funk and an emphatic tartness.

Its vinous aromatics and acidity invite comparison with my favourite Flemish sour ales, but it is more powerful, richer, with a deeper malt presence and a subtler acidity. In this way, it is closer to something like Prize Old Ale than it's Belgian counterparts.

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